Flores Timaná prides itself on having very little employee turnover due to multiple benefits for our collaborators. We currently employ over 120 people from the neighboring town of El Rosal. We favopr and promote local talent to reduce our carbon footprint and give back to the area that has been home to our company for so many years. Our committed employees give it their all every day in order to bring you the most spectacular cut flowers possible.

Some of the benefits for our employees include:

·      Free nutritional and well balanced lunches for all our work force for every work day

·      Variable rate salary depending on quality and performance checked weekly

·      Bicycles for people that live within 10 kilometers of the farm

·      Twice a day active breaks to interrupt work cycles and stretch key muscles that promote relaxation and concentration

·      Chilled filtered water dispensers throughout the farm

·      Employee of the year benefits and prizes

Flores Timaná’s collaborators are highly skilled and motivated people that live in the flatlands near Colombia’s capital city of Bogotá in a small town called El Rosal (Spanish for the rose garden). Our company employs over 120 people that are dedicated to providing our customers the best possible quality flowers week in and week out along with personalized service characteristic of a family owned and operated company. 

The entire Timaná team takes pride in what we produce

The entire Timaná team takes pride in what we produce